senior Data Scientist with academic background in physics (Ph.D) experienced in multidisciplinary projects
involving simulations, numerical modeling, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence


10.2018 — 03.2019
Microsoft Professional Program
in Data Science
08.2012 — 10.2015
ETH Zurich
Ph.D. in Civil, Environmental, and Geomatic Engineering
09.2009 — 09.2011
University Paris Sud 11 joint with National Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology
M.Sc. Nuclear Engineering
10.2006 — 02.2010
Warsaw University of Technology
B.Sc. in Physics, Summa cum Laude


08.2020 — NOW
Data Science Consultant
10.2019 — NOW
Lead Data Scientist
12.2018 — 03.2020
Co-Founder & Product Owner
10.2018 — 10.2019
DS Stream
Data Scientist.
02.2016 — 12.2017
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley
Postdoc at Earth & Environmental Science Area, Department of Geochemistry.
07.2016, 07.2017
Princeton University
Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Civil Engineering.
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology Empa
Collaborator with the Lab for Multiscale Studies in Building Physics.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Visiting Scholar at the Department Geophysics.
Innventia AB
Visiting Scholar.
04.2013 — 06.2013
Northwestern University
Visiting Scholar at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
08.2012 — 12.2015
ETH Zurich
Ph.D. student.
01.2012 — 06.2012
Polish Academy of Sciences
Research Assistant at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research.
04.2011 — 08.2011
Texas A&M University
Intern the Faculty of Nuclear Engineering.
04.2010 — 06.2010
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Intern at the Laboratory of Information Technologies.
06.2009 — 07.2009
CERN and Ecole des Mines de Nantes
Exchange student.

Projects (Academic & Data Science)

Classification of socioeconomic classes with Google BERT (MarTech).
Similar image recommendation engine (API).
2019 — 2020
Optimum price prediction engine for First Price Auctions environment (AdTech).
Enhancing user experience and ad revenue with live ad viewability prediction (AdTech).
2018 — 2019
Fraud Detection analysis (TelCo).
Quality Assurance system for data ingestion (FCMG).
subMIND.AI — an NLP mindmapping tool.
2016 — 2017
Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics study of isotope fractionation in crystal growth as a part of collaboration project Integrated Isotopic Studies of Geochemical Processes.
Transport of radiocesium in interlayer and frayed edge sites of micaceous clay minerals, in collaboration with JAEA
2012 — 2015
Physical and mechanical aspects of water adsorption in wood biopolymers investigated with molecular dynamics simulations.
Thermomechanical coupling in martensitic transformation of TiNi shape memory alloys.
2009 — 2011
Quantification of uncertainty of water flow parameters in primary nuclear reactor using polynomial chaos with FEM.
Modelling of Accelerator-Driven Systems in advanced nuclear fuel cycles using Monte Carlo simulations.
Generator of two-particle correlations in heavy-ion collision model — EPOS.


Machine Learning
Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn
Data Processing
Numpy, SciPy, pandas, jupyter
Graphics & Visualization
Tableau, Power BI, Matplotlib, Seaborn, GraphVis, GIMP
MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
Cloud & Big Data
AWS, GCP, Docker, Hadoop, Spark
HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, Flask
SpaCy, Google BERT, gensim, NLTK


Journal Papers

  • Lammers L., Kulasinski K., Zarzycki P., DePaolo D.J. (2020) Molecular simulations of kinetic stable calcium isotope fractionation at the calcite-aqueous interface. Chemical Geology, vol. 532, 119315
  • He, J., Lammers, L., Kulasinski, K., Zheng L., Hou, P., Ju, Y. (2020) Tortuosity of kerogen pore structure to gas diffusion at molecular- and nano-scales: A molecular dynamics simulation. Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 215, 115460.
  • He, J., Yang J., Kulasinski, K., Zheng L., Lammers. L., (2019) Molecular dynamics simulation of methane transport in confined organic nanopores with high relative roughness. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, vol. 62, pp. 202-213.
  • Kulasinski, K. (2017) Free energy landscape of hydrophilic polymers as a driving factor in water diffusion. Langmuir 33: 5362-5370.
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  • Kulasinski, K. and Guyer, R. (2016). Quantification of nanopore networks: application to amorphous polymers. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120: 28144-28151.
  • Sehaqui, H., Kulasinski, K. Strub, E., Tingaut, Ph., Zimmermann, T. (2016). Highly carboxylated cellulose nanofibers of high molar mass. Biomacromolecules 18: 242-248.
  • Kulasinski, K. Salmén, L., Derome, D. and Carmeliet, J. (2016). Moisture adsorption of glucomannan and xylan hemicelluloses. Cellulose 23: 1629–1637.
  • Kulasinski, K. Guyer, R., Derome, D. and Carmeliet, J. (2015). Water diffusion in hydrophilic systems: a stop and go process. Langmuir 31: 10843–10849.
  • Kulasinski, K. Guyer, R., Derome, D. and Carmeliet, J. (2015). Water adsorption in wood microfibril: role of the crystalline-amorphous cellulose. Biomacromolecules 16: 2972–2978.
  • Kulasinski, K. Guyer, R., Derome, D. and Carmeliet, J. (2015). Poroelastic model for adsorption-induced deformation of biopolymers obtained from molecular simulations. Physical Review E 92: 022605.
  • Kulasinski, K. Guyer, R., Keten, S., Derome, D. and Carmeliet, J. (2015). Impact of Moisture Adsorption on Structure and Physical Properties of Amorphous Biopolymers. Macromolecules 48: 2793–2800.
  • Kulasinski, K. Keten, S., Churakov, S., Guyer, R., Derome, D. and Carmeliet, J. (2014). Molecular Mechanism of Moisture-Induced Transition in Amorphous Cellulose. ACS Macro Letters 3: 1037–1040.
  • Kulasinski, K. Keten, S., Churakov, S. V., Derome, D. and Carmeliet, J. (2014). A comparative molecular dynamics study of crystalline, paracrystalline, and amorphous states of cellulose. Cellulose 21: 1103–1116.
  • Pieczyska, E. A., Tobushi H., and Kulasinski, K. (2013). Development of transformation bands in TiNi SMA for various stress and strain rates studied by a fast and sensitive infrared camera. Smart Materials and Structures 22: 035007.
  • Pieczyska, E. A., Tobushi, H., Kulasinski, K. and Takeda, K. (2012). Impact of Strain Rate on Thermomechanical Coupling Effects in TiNi SMA Subjected to Compression. Materials Transactions 11: 1905–1909.
  • Pieczyska, E. A., Tobushi, H., Takeda, K., Stróż, D., Ranachowski, Z., Kulasinski, K., Kúdela, S. Jr., and Luckner, J. (2012). Martensite transformation bands studied in TiNi shape memory alloy by infrared and acoustic emission techniques. Kovove Materialy 50: 309–318.

Conference Proceedings

  • Zhang C., Kulasinski, K., Derome, D., Carmeliet, J. (2017) Coupled Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Amorphous Biopolymers: Molecular Dynamic Study of Softwood Lignin. Sixth Biot Conference on Poromechanics.
  • Derome, D., Zhang C., Chen M., Kulasinski, K., Keten, S., Carmeliet, J. (2017) Understanding Hygromechanically-Coupled Behavior, Using Atomistic Simulations of Biopolymeric Nano-Composite Material. Sixth Biot Conference on Poromechanics.
  • Pieczyska E.A., Tobushi H., Takeda K., Kulasiński K., Kowalewski Z.L., Moćko W., Luckner J. (2012) Temperature assessment of TiNi shape memory alloy subjected to compression at quasistatic and dynamic strain rates. ICEM15, 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, pp.1145-1146.

Book Chapters

  • Derome, D., Kulasinski, K., Zhang, C., Chen, M., Carmeliet, J. (2017) Using modeling to understand the hygromechanical and hysteretic behavior of the S2 cell wall layer of wood, in Plant Biomechanics. Eds. A. Geitmann, A. and Gril, J.
  • Kulasinski, K., (2016) Effects of water adsorption in hydrophilic polymers, in Polymer science: research advances, practical applications and educational aspects. Eds. Méndez-Vilas, A. and Solano-Martín, A., pp. 217–223.

Conference Presentations

Data Science Summit, Warsaw, Poland.
Zarządzanie Big Data. Źródła i rafinacja, Warsaw, Poland.
Goldschmidt® Conference, Paris, France.
49th American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA.
8th Plant Biomechanics International Conference, Nagoya, Japan.
1st Topical Day on High-performance multiscale modelling, Duebendorf, Switzerland.
20th International Conference on Nonlinear Elasticity in Materials, ICNEM, Bruges, Belgium.
7th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting, Interpore, Padova, Italy.
7th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modelling, Berkeley, CA, USA.
7th World Congress of Biomechanics, Boston, MA, USA
19th International Conference on Nonlinear Elasticity in Materials, ICNEM, Frejus, France.
Penn State Plant Biology Symposium on cellulose synthesis, structure, matrix interactions and technology, University Park, PA, USA.
Seminar of Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland.


  • American Physical Society
  • ETH Alumni
  • Boursiers du Gouvernement Français

Honors & Awards

2nd prize for outstanding Ph.D. thesis by International Academy of Wood Science.
2009, 2010
Stipend of the French Government for Master Program.
Individual Course of Studies at Warsaw University of Technology.
Stipend of the Polish Prime Minister for top students.